All of this has happened before. And all of it will happen again.

Over two hundred years ago, the world was torn apart by war. Armies from dozens of countries took up arms in the battle. Millions died, cities were laid to waste, entire species and races were slaughtered nearly to extinction. It was the single bloodiest confrontation in the history of the planet.

And now, centuries later, the storm is gathering again. The people of today must learn the lessons of the past if they have any chance of avoiding another apocalyptic conflict and watching everything they have built burned to ashes.

Unfortunately, no one can remember what that great big war was about. Or who was fighting in it. Or why. That is, those who even know there was a war at all.

Still: probably not that big a deal, right? Certainly, nothing of that magnitude could ever happen again.

Are those storm clouds?

The Tempest