The Tempest

Beneath the Old Prison which the party descends into a cave full of goblins. And slaughters every last one of them without much of a fight.

Armain the Younger approaches the party and tells them his apprentice, Darvin, has been abducted by goblin raiders. The goblins have been a problem for the last several weeks, but the attacks have increased in frequency and violence of late, and Armain hires the party to flush them out. And, if possible, to retrieve his apprentice.

After stumbling across a tiny lookout party at the site of The Old Prison, the adventurers find a hidden passage into a vast network of caves. They fight their way through well-coordinated bands of goblins and kobolds before discovering their leader: Mowlgrayne, a goblin hexer they find talking to a skull.

Mowlgrayne, however, is quickly defeated, and Darvin is found nearby, relatively unharmed. The party returns him to Summerport, and Armain rewards them with gold and a magical longsword, a Sunblade. He cannot, however, shed any light on the last piece of the mystery: a note found on Mowlgrayne’s body, indicating the kidnapping was performed at the request of someone named Blackblood.


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